Here, you'll find what to expect as the end of your lease term draws near. We hope you've been enjoying the MINI motoring experience, and that you'll consider leasing or purchasing another vehicle from us here at MINI of Bedford.

We hope to make your lease-end process as smooth as possible. We're available to answer any questions or concerns you may have about the end of your lease, including mileage, vehicle wear, damage or repairs. We can also recommend a selection of a new MINI or certified pre-owned MINI vehicle to choose from as you consider your next vehicle.

Come to our Bedford MINI dealership for a lease-end inspection of your current MINI vehicle. This pre-inspection offers you several important benefits: 
  • By pre-inspecting your vehicle now, you'll have time on the day you turn it in, getting you into your new vehicle that much sooner.
  • If there are unacceptable damages (per your end-of-lease Wear and Tear Guide) you'll be informed right away, with ample time to have them repaired.
  • A pre-inspection virtually eliminates potentially costly "surprises" so you'll know exactly what to expect when you do turn in your vehicle.
  • Schedule your pre-inspection by contacting us at 888-845-2568.
After your pre-inspection, we will schedule a date to return your car.
  • Did you know that you can return your car at MINI of Bedford, even if you did not purchase with us? Call 888-845-2568 to learn how!

Lease End

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